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The following is a list of our accommodation rental policies in effect. We ask that you take a moment to read through and observe so as to ensure a positive experience for yourselves, our property owners and the residents of Tofino.


Check-in is 4:00 pm.  Check out is 11am or 10am (depending on property).


We accept Visa & MasterCard  Payment may be made by cheque or money order with full payment received 30 days prior to arrival.


Once a reservation is made there are no refunds.  We will accommodate change of dates only as per availability and only within 60 days.  Please ensure you have travel cancellation insurance in place.  Please note our limitation of liability below.


There is no housekeeping service during your stay.   Housekeeping service can be requested with sufficient notice @ $25.00 hourly per person plus tax. Tofino Beach Homes provides full housekeeping upon departure however we do ask that all bed & bath linens are stripped and placed in the laundry rooms or bathtubs, all dishes are washed and put away and all garbage is disposed of before you check out.  Please use the recycling bin provided in each property. Our housekeepers will take the recyclables away.


Quiet Time is 11:00 pm through 8:00 am. If we receive a noise complaint from neighbouring residents or guests arising from excessive noise after 11:00 pm or before 8:00 am Tofino Beach Homes may at its sole discretion charge you a $200.00 Noise Fine of which will be charged to your credit card. There is a zero tolerance for any noise disturbances caused by guests. Please respect the peaceful enjoyment of your neighbours!


The person making and paying for the rental of the property is financially responsible for the cost of repairs arising from any damage beyond normal wear and tear including but not limited to carpet/floor stains, interior wall damage, appliance repairs arising from improper use, window and window covering damage, permanent linen stains, dry cleaning costs associated with stains, breakage, theft, and any other damage noted on departure incurred, sustained or brought by any person occupying or using the accommodation property. Your credit card will be charged to recover the costs.


There will be a $50 administrative change fee applicable for making any changes to an existing reservation.


Pets are welcome at pet-friendly designated properties only. There is a pet fee of $40.00 per pet /per stay.  Dogs are required to be on leash as per Tofino’s Leash Bylaw at all times when on beaches, trails, roads, etc.  If a pet is reported within a non-pet friendly property, Tofino Beach Homes reserves the right to cancel your reservation and the cost of the accommodation will be forfeited. Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets both inside & outside the property.  At no time are pets to be left unattended!


We are not responsible for any personal items left behind on departure and will hold items for 2 weeks after departure. Items will be returned COD – as requested for a minimum of $25.


If additional housekeeping is required beyond the normal time allotted for each property you will be charged at an hourly rate of $25 per person for each additional hour of housekeeping required. To avoid excessive cleaning fees please ensure that:

  • bed linens are stripped and along with kitchen/bath linens placed in the laundry room (if applicable) or bathtub
  • dishwashers are turned on and/or dishes are washed, dried and put away
  • garbage is disposed of (each property has an info sheet advising guests where to dispose of their garbage)


Check-out time is 11:00 am or 10:00 am – depending on the property.  Unscheduled late check outs will be charged a minimum of $25 for every hour or portion thereof beyond the stated check out time.


For your health and enjoyment, all properties are non-smoking. A $500 Smoking Fine will be charged to your credit card if it has been found there was smoking inside the property.  You may smoke outside the accommodation but are responsible for picking up and disposing of your cigarette butts.


Each property has a maximum number of permitted guests, depending on the number of sleeping units, as indicated on the website.  Tents, campers, boats or trailers are not permitted.  If you arrive with more than the permitted number of guests, or have more than the permitted number of guests at the property at any time, Tofino Beach Homes reserves the right to cancel your reservation and the cost of your rental will be forfeited.


If you bring more vehicles than what the property can accommodate, you are responsible for locating additional public parking space.

In regards to the South Chesterman Beachhomes a $25 parking pass fee will be applied should the pass not be returned upon departure.


For those staying at a property with a hot tub, you agree to read and abide by hot tub rules as provided within that property. The hot tub is checked on your arrival & departure day, and is checked every 3rd day during your stay. If the hot tub is required to be drained during your stay or upon your departure due to misuse, or for any reason whereby the cleanliness of the hot tub is not up to standard for our next check-in, you will be charged $225.00 + GST to drain, clean and fill the hot tub. Additionally, any damage to the hot tub due to misuse, including repair of and/or damaged, missing parts will be charged a flat fee of $525.


For properties with BBQ’s, please ensure valves/dials are turned off when finished cooking and all food residue is scraped & burned off. A flat fee of $50.00 will be charged for BBQ’s left in a standard not suitable for the next check-in.


Guests will be charged for excessive downloads.


Tofino Beach Homes acts as a rental agent only in respect of the property provided.  We are not the owner or occupier of the property.  We will make every effort to ensure that the property is provided as described for the time reserved, or to provide an alternate equivalent property.  We cannot guarantee that the property will be available as reserved, as there are matters beyond our control including but not limited to loss of the property by fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, health crises or other damage, changes of ownership, termination of management services, changes in the law, or seizure or other loss of the property.  Tofino Beach Homes assumes no responsibility or liability arising out of the property not being available or suitable.  We assume no responsibility or liability for injury, loss or damage arising out of the reservation or occupation of the property. In no event shall either party be liable to the other or any third party in contract, tort or otherwise for incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including, without limitation, punitive or economic damages or lost profits, regardless of whether either party shall be advised, shall have other reason to know or in fact shall know of the possibility.  This agreement supersedes any and all prior agreements, negotiations, correspondence, undertakings, promises, covenants, arrangements, communications, representations, and warranties, whether oral or written, of any party to this agreement.


By proceeding with a rental of accommodation provided by Tofino Beach Homes in its capacity as a rental agent, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and accept the rental policies, that you agree to pay the accommodation costs and associated fees, and you agree to the limitation of our liability.